Dashboard v1

When it all began in November 2016.

Dashboard v2

From May 2017

Power Video Viewer v2

From June 2017

Power Video Viewer v3

From June 2017

Power Video Viewer v4

From June 2017

Region Editor

Region Editor is for choosing zones of the stream to do detection. For example a parking lot entrance.

Dark Theme on Monitor Settings

From June 2017

2-Factor Authentication

From June 2017

FFprobe Stream Analyzer

ffprobe is a simple multimedia streams analyzer. You can use it to output all kinds of information about an input including duration, frame rate, frame size, etc. It is also useful for gathering specific information about an input to be used in a script.

Shinobi in the Beginning

From November 2016

Shinobi is Easy

Who is Shinobi for?

Shinobi is Smooth

Shinobi on an Intel Atom 1.6Ghz

Aspire One D255E, Intel Atom N455 / 1.66 GHz, 2GB RAM

Installing Shinobi on Kitematic

Kitematic requires that you select the kitematic tag before beginning to build the docker image.

Installing Shinobi on Kitematic

Shinobi on Windows requires MariaDB or MySQL installed. This is how you can install it manually.

Get Control URL for Foscam

Add a Streamer Camera