Cloud Hosting for Cameras


We are moving to a new billing and server management system.
You may review pricing and controls on the new shop page.


Shinobi supports so many cameras, we sort of lost count.

The number of cameras shown for each package is a recommendation. You may use more cameras if your resource consumption is low.

Support Package

Each dedicated server that is offered also comes with a support package level.

We will answer your questions about how Shinobi works, the different ways you can use it, and it's documentation. We will keep your installation maintained with the latest stable build.

Public IPv4 Address

With this you are able to access this server from the web. You can register a domain and assign it to the IP address provided to you after service activation.

Shinobi runs well under CloudFlare. Seamless SSL with DDoS protection. Requires port 80

x86 64bit Cores

Intel Avoton CPU offered great performance in their price range allowing for an efficient server for cloud purposes. They are an excellent alternative to ARM CPUs for applications which need more memory.

The Intel Avoton are systems on a chip (SoC). Due to their power and price we can pass on the savings.

Memory and Storage

More Memory (RAM) is recommended for high bitrate and high resolution streams.

Fast Solid State Drives (SSD) storage space included in every package.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the calculated amount of data that goes in and out from your server.

It is never monitored or metered by us. Use as much as you like. Stream, Download, and Share. It's Unmetered.