The Difference Between Pro and CE

Professional and Community Edition

  Pro CE
Agreement for using the software.
Shinobi Open Source EULA GNU General Public License v3
License Fee
The retail cost for a monthly subscription.
$75*/month Free
Camera Limit
The retail cost for a monthly subscription.
None None
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What is the point of two?

Hu-mans. We have this strange urge to have all these rules and regulations around everything, so two sets of licenses had to be used. One allows monetization of the efforts put into Shinobi and the other is entirely free.

License Keys to Activate

Shinobi is released under a Trust-Based system. There are no license keys or mechanisms to detract from your use of the product. If Shinobi is working for you please order a License subscription.

Shinobi Pro without a Subscription

You may use Shinobi Pro without a license for educational and evaluation purposes. Students, schools, colleges and universities do not require a subscription.

The Difference in Code

Aside from the fact CE gets updated in lower intervals, nothing. CE is a GPLv3 release of Shinobi to allow highly permissive use of the software without the need to return the favor. All Pro features can be used in the CE Edition.

Why have CE?

Shinobi started as GPLv3 software to replace ZoneMinder. It was felt that this legacy needed to continue so the GPLv3 release became known has the Community Edition. A gift to the community.


Shinobi Pro is licensed under Shinobi Open Source EULA. This means that you will be required to have a subscription to use Shinobi Pro in commercial locations.


Support for Shinobi is provided to Pro subscribers. You may contact developers in the community chat platform, Discord.

What is commercial use or a commercial location?

Locations that engage in the buying and selling of goods and services. Using Shinobi in an application or scheme that results in economical gain - Example : making an isolated account and charging for it