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General Support

Help in using the application itself. Setting up cameras and tweaking settings for your system and purpose.

We will answer your questions about how Shinobi works, the different ways you can use it, and it's documentation.

Bug Support

Get support and software updates for when you have found a bug that is interferring with how you use Shinobi. Completion for bug reports will be addressed within the specified time based on your selected package.

There are developers already addressing bugs. Due to limited resources support is prioritized.

You may communicate with us by creating an Issue on GitLab, or simply finding a developer on Discord.

Remote Support

Installation, Monitors, and Settings. Get a developer to configure your system for you or give you pointers as you do it yourself.

Support through Remote Desktop, SSH, or through your Shinobi installation from a remote address makes support quick and painless.

Discord   Live Chat   GitLab

Feature Request Priority

Level of priority for a feature or suggestion that will be considered, planned, and implemented.

Shinobi gets better every day. These developers care about the code laid into software that will ultimately run on thousands of machines.

Not all requests are implemented to maintain application performance.

Private Feature Integrations

Priority and Enterprise clients have the option of custom features integration in their private instances. Remote access will be required to integrate features in private installations.

Support over the Phone

Don't bother waiting for a forum post or a message. Get a call.

Get voice support over FaceTime and Discord. Call when you are in need of assistance and talk to a developer of the platform.